Fuel for walking

Fuel for walking
By: Tiffany Sisson
You wouldn't put broccoli in your gas tank any more than you would down a glass of unleaded. But, both our cars and our bodies need the right kind of energy to run. Like the selection at the pumps, regular unleaded, and premium, our cupboards should have the same basic fuel selections for a nutritious walk.
Eat something a half hour to 45 minutes before you head out the door. A good blend of carbohydrates, protein and fat are going to be the best source of nutrients to help fuel your walk. A cup of coffee's not going to cut it. Yogurt, cereal, an egg and toast, or peanut butter on a half of a whole grain bagel are going to give you high nutrition and not a lot of calories.
Raina Childers is a registered dietitian, "If you're a morning walker, I wouldn't start off with biscuits and gravy. It may not only make you upset, but you may feel a little more sluggish. Try to stay away from the refined products like the candy bar."
Candy bars are going to give you a peak of energy, but, you're going to crash really quick and become more sluggish because of that quick sugar release. Power bars, packed with protein are your best bet. Over the course of your walk, they'll give you that extended release of energy.
The recovery is just as important as the fuel to get you started. Eat some complex carbohydrates within an hour of winding down, not a big fat muffin.
"Did I hear her say eat. I think I heard her say eat before I walk and right after. It's really important what foods we're choosing and the portions of those foods to really compliment the activity of our lifestyle, " explained Childers.
If you're trying to lose weight, try some fruits and whole grains. This is not the time to think you deserve a treat!