Death investigation focuses on wife of victim

Death investigation focuses on wife of victim
By: CJ Cassidy
Stoddard County, IL - New details on a death investigation in Stoddard County.
Police found 33-year-old Charles Graves dead inside his home last month.
Now his wife, Amy Graves, faces charges of stealing and distributing a controlled substance.
The drug in question; morphine.
Investigators say Amy Graves admits to stealing a syringe full of morphine from an elderly gentleman she looks after, and then giving it to her husband.
A few hours later, Charles Graves was dead.
Police say Amy Graves denies administering the shot, but a close friend of her husband says otherwise.
"He told me she took it, brought it to the house gave him a shot in the hip," Philip Summers says.
He can't believe his best friend's gone, but he can't forget the last conversation he had with Charles graves hours before he died.
"He had a pinched nerve in his back, and he said my wife Amy stole some morphine from the man she's working for and gave me a shot of 27ccs of morphine," he says.
After Summers shared his story with police, officers tracked down empty morphine containers from the home of the elderly man Amy looked after.
And even though they don't know how much of the narcotic was in the syringe Graves gave her husband, they suspect it led to his death.
"Amy Graves told us she had taken the syringe she gave her husband and took it in the backyard where there was trash located and burnt the syringe in the trash," Stoddard County Sheriff Carl Hefner says.
Philip Summers also confronted Amy Graves.
"She starts saying he committed suicide, and I said no I've known Chuck for 16 years, and he's never talked about suicide. After I said all that, she stopped crying and said have you told anybody else? I said no, she said well let's keep this under wraps don't tell his family, don't tell nobody," Summers says.
He adds "that tells me something must have went on."
Amy Graves is behind bars on $50,000 cash bond. Her attorney did not return our phone calls.
Investigators are still waiting on test results to see exactly what killed Charles Graves.
Police also say Graves suffered from epilepsy and would have occasional seizures.