New Resolve Dual Power

Does it Work Wednesday
New Resolve Dual Power
By: Lauren Keith
This Wednesday, we're testing a favorite a tried and true product, the Resolve Carpet Cleaner. It's worked pretty well for me in the past.
However, Resolve is out with a newer version, called Resolve Dual Power, and I'm wondering is newer really better?
Old meets new in this Does it Work Wednesday test. Here we have the orginal Resolve carpet cleaner and the new Resolve Dual power with Oxi action.  The two obviously look different on the outside, but a closer look and I see both cleaners claim to wipe away the same stains, such as grape juice.
So, let's see.
I pour grape juice in two separate spots. Thank goodness I'm just using a carpet sample, in case these stains don't come out.  Now, I spray the orginal Resolve on the first spot.  I treat the other stain with the new Resolve Dual Power.
Directions on the bottle read you will start to see fizzing while pouring the new cleaner, but take a look at what the TV commerial shows.
It's obvious we don't have any of that kind of Oxi action here. A closer look and I see a little of that fizzing action, but it's not impressive, by any means.
Now we let the two treated stains sit for five minutes, which each sets of instructions say. After five minutes,we look in on the first stain with the orginal Resolve.
I'm hardly even scrubbing, and it's out! There is no trace at all.
However, things get a bit foamier with the new product. Wait till you see what happens as each stain fully dries.
The stain we treated with the original Resolve is fine. But the stain I treated with the new Resolve has a yellow ring.
Well, to be fair, the directions say you'll have to rub it a few times. But the point is, the original didn't take as long to work and it was immediately out.
So, I scrub the stain with the new product a bit more and that added effort did pay off.  I got the yellow ring out that formed as it dried.
On "Does it Work Wednesday," we also consider the cost of the items.  Orginal Resolve usually runs about $3.50. I bought the new one on sale for $4.25 it's regularly priced at almost five bucks.
So, here's the deal. Both of these products work, but the new one costs you a few more quarters and it takes more elbow grease! So if I were you, I'd stick with the original.   In this case, it is true, newer doesn't always mean better.
The new Resolve Dual Power gets a C+. 
Next week, Lauren will test either Avon's Instant Manicure or the solar-powered car fan, "Auto Cool."  It all depends on the weather.  If we get more rain, Lauren won't be able to properly test the Auto Cool until later.  Stay tuned!