Good Question - I-55 billboard

Good Question
What's the meaning of a strange I-55 billboard near Scott City?
By: Tiffany Sisson
You've seen it while driving down Interstate 55, the black billboard that looks like a box in the clouds.
What is it? It's a Good question!
It's the gateway to heaven! John Shuffit hopes that billboard helps to give you direction. The man who paid to put it here tells Heartland News it's a message from Jesus.
Twice, John claims to have seen Jesus as plain as day. The words on the bottom describe what Jesus looks like: Long cheekbones, no beard, but bangs.
In the middle, you can see what looks like a box sitting in the clouds. John tells us Jesus showed him the gate to heaven is narrow, and, that very few will find it. The mission for him is to get the word out, and he's using the billboard to do it.
It's costing Shuffit five thousand dollars a year. With five kids at home, you'd think it a tough sell. Shuffit, his wife, and his kids all think that's a small price to pay.
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