UPDATE: Bald Knob Cross meeting brings little peace

Update: Bald Knob Cross meeting brings little peace
By: Carly O'Keefe
Alto Pass, IL - What raised questions at a meeting concerning the future of the Bald Knob Cross of Peace Monday was not what caused sparks at the Bald Knob Foundation board meeting Tuesday.
The Bald Knob Visitor's Center was jam packed with folks eager to protest the so-called "Statement of Faith" addition to the Bald Knob Foundation by-laws. Board President Steve Babbs made clear at the start of the meeting that there would be no action taken on the by-law amendment until February at the earliest.
Then, for a while at least, it seemed it was business as usual: porto-potty rentals, wedding schedules, and paying the bills. It didn't remain hum-drum for long. A motion was made to bring charges against long-time board member and former Bald Knob Board treasurer, Terzah Tweedy.
Tweedy has in one way or another been involved with the Bald Knob Board for the past 30 years. Her father was the impetus behind bringing the cross to Bald Knob. Some board members allege Tweedy misused donations. They claim she used funds to make payments on a loan the money from which was used to pay for an addition to the Bald Knob Visitor's Center.
Tweedy and some board members disagree on whether the loan was a gift or on behalf of the Bald Knob board. If it was a gift, Tweedy would have no right to use donations to pay off the loan. But some long-time board members say at the time the loan was made, the board was not holding meetings, and Tweedy acted on behalf of Bald Knob without official board consent.
The initial nine to six vote in favor of bringing charges against Tweedy would have simply opened the case up for a board investigation of whether Tweedy acted inappropriately as treasurer. However, in a second nine to six vote, the board took action to request the Union County State's Attorney join in the investigation and discover whether any illegal activity took place.