Robbery ring discovered - stolen property recovered

Robbery ring discovered - stolen property recovered
By: Wes Wallace
Cape Girardeau County, MO - You might call it one stop shopping, but in the end, it leaves three Heartland people buying a ticket behind bars.  Deputies with the Cape Girardeau County Sheriff's Department arrested Dana Sheldrake, Stephen Sheldrake the Second, and William Porter as they burglarized Louis Brinkof's home near Fruitland.   All three face felony burglary charges.
"Anything that wasn't nailed down or stuck to the walls of the house, they were stealing,"  explains Lt. David James with the Cape Girardeau Sheriff's Department, "A neighbor tipped us off and reported some suspicious activity, so deputies went out there on Monday afternoon and confronted the trio, and actually caught them in the act."
The property owner was out of town for awhile, and investigators say the three suspects found out and just started taking anything they could.
"They just helped themselves to the man's belongings,"  says James.  They took about a dozen vehicles, including a flatbed truck and a motor home.   Officers also found all sorts of items like power tools, computers, jewelry, antiques, firearms, even fishing poles.
Lt. James says investigators are still looking for more items, plus several vehicles that have already been sold.  He adds, "If you think you bought some stolen items, you better contact us, before we contact you."