UPDATE: Video store attacker still on the run

Update: Video store attacker still on the run
By: CJ Cassidy
Cape Girardeau, MO - Cape Girardeau investigators spent all day following up on tips you called in, after watching the brutal attack on a video store clerk, right here on Heartland News.
The attack took place at SEMO Video Monday night, but the clerk is doing remarkably well for someone viciously kicked in the face and knocked out cold, the night before.
And while Sue Su's made up her mind to recover physically and emotionally from the attack that took place, she's even more determined to help police get her attacker off the streets.
Nursing her face with an ice pack, Su says she never saw the attack coming.
Surveillance tape explains why. If you watch closely you see the suspect speaking casually with Su in the adult section of SEMO Video, right before he moves in for the kick.
"He said something like I'm going to buy these for my girlfriend," Su explains, saying the man asked her to show him the adult toys in the store.
Investigators say the man might have had some kind of martial arts training. The video shows him turning his entire body before extending his leg in a side-kick, catching Su squarely in the face.
"It looked very vicious as far as the kick that was delivered to her," Sgt. Barry Hovis with the Cape Girardeau Police Department says.
"I believe he may have planned it maybe because when he come into the store there's a bunch of people, and he's the last one left," Su says.
Su is left with severe injuries to the right side of her face.
"I couldn't open my eyes and the doctors say the bone on my face is broken," she says.
But Su says her attacker could never destroy her fighting spirit.
"If the police catch him, can they kick him on the face for me?" she asks, hopefully.
That won't happen, but the suspect faces felony robbery charges for assaulting Su as he stole close to $200 worth of adult toys from the store.
Investigators spent all day inside dusting for fingerprints and looking for other evidence.
Su doesn't know how comfortable she will be returning to work, and the video store itself is closed until further notice.
Police describe the suspect as a white man, about 6 feet tall, with an athletic build.
He was wearing cargo shorts, a white T-shirt and a camouflage cap.
Police say he may also be left handed.
If he looks familiar, call the police at (573) 335-6621.