Kentucky's New Laws

Kentucky's New Laws
By: Erica Byfield

KY New Laws:

  1. SEAT BELT- House Bill 117 says not wearing a seat belt will be a primary offense accompanied by a $25 fine for violators
  2. PROPERTY SEIZURES- House Bill 508 limits the governments power of eminent domain by not allowing seizure of private property for private developments
  3. MINE SAFTEY- Senate Bill 200 requires all coal operators have portable oxygen supplies along escape routes and telephone and two-way radio equipment must be installed
  4. DRUG TESTING- House Bill 572 mandates all coal miners get drug screenings before their hired and following after on-the-job accidents
  5. TELEPHONE DEREULATION- House Bill 337 deregulates all but the most basic telephone services in the Commonwealth and rates for basic service has to be capped for five years
  6. CONCEALED WEAPONS- House Bill 290 makes two changes to the current legislation: (1) licensed gun carriers will no only have to undergo a background check when buying a fire arm and (2) names of individuals who carry concealed weapons can't have their information released through the open-records law 
  7. PERSCRIPTIONS: Senate Bill 65 allows registered nurses under a doctor's supervision the authority to write prescriptions for painkillers (current statue gives registered nurses the power to write prescriptions for other drugs like antibiotics)
  8. CRIME INITIATIVES- House Bill 3 states (1) sex offenders can't live with a 1,000 feet of a school, daycare or playground (based on property lines) and (2) some juvenile records are open to the public, including those cases involving deadly weapons
  9. DEADLY FORCE- Senate Bill 38 gives Kentucky residents the right to use deadly force against an intruder at home or in a vehicle (previously law required retreat before the use of force)
  10. ACADEMIC TESTING- Senate Bill 130 requires all high school juniors take the ACT (an examine most universities nationwide use for admission) and the state will cover the cost
  11. BREAST FEEDING- Senate Bill 106 allows to breast-feed their infants in public places without the fear of charges for indecent exposure
  12. ALL-TERRAIN VEHICLES- House Bill 117 says anyone under the age of 16 must wear a helmet on a ATV or parents could face a fine between $20 and $50 dollars

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