Information on Anthrax (10/15)

Today, I launched a new section on my website called "Information on Anthrax." The purpose of the website is to allow each of you the opportunity to learn more about Anthrax. As well, the site contains information about what type of things to look for when opening the mail and what you can do if you receive a piece of mail that looks as though it has been tampered with or may be cause for concern. In coordination with the entire House I am closing my office so we can allow law enforcement to make necessary adjustments and upgrades to our Capitol Security.

It is important during this time for our constituents to know that our offices in the Eighth District will remain open so that we can continue to serve the people in Southern Missouri. If you have any questions or concerns over the upcoming days, please call any of the three Missouri offices. In Cape Girardeau the number is 573-335-0101, in Farmington the number is 573-756-9755, and in Rolla at 573-364-2455. I would also like to ask for your patience over the upcoming days as our office and the entire Congress adjusts to the changes brought about by these occurrences. While the changes do represent a challenge, I am confident that working together we can continue to move our nation forward during this difficult time.