World Shooting Complex officially opens

World Shooting Complex officially opens
By: Arnold Wyrick
Sparta, IL - The old saying, "built it and they will come," rang true on Thursday in Southern Illinois.  After more than 5 years of planning and 50 million dollars the new World Shooting and Recreational Complex in Sparta, Illinois was officially opened by Governor Rod Blagojevich.
The first competition to utilize the new facility is the U. S. Open Amateur Trap Shoot.
"It's a lot bigger, of course there's a lot of memories at the old place.  I've spent a lot of years there.  But this is the biggest place we've run into in my 37 years of shooting.  Changes are made and this is great, this is going to be alright," says Jim McCammon of Terre Haute, Indiana.
More then 2 thousand shooters from across the nation barely even cover a portion of the 3 mile long firing range.  Plus there's a thousand camp sites spread out over the 1,700 acre facility.
And if fishing is the thing you like to do to relax, cast a line into the more than five lakes dotted across the complex. 
If you're in need of some cleaning supplies during rounds of competition, all you'll have to do is step into the exhibitors hall and find what you're looking for.
"Well it's just great that Illinois got this new shooting complex open.  And we wanted to be a part of it, since we're an Illinois company," says John Damarian of Pro-Shot Products.
The new facility really shines though when you step out onto the firing line.  Spacious staging areas allow for complete concentration while zeroing in on those elusive clay pigeons.
And it proved to be the winning formula for some of the competitors during their first round on the range.
"Yes I'm very glad to get a perfect 100 on the first event, on the first shoot at the World Shooting Complex.  We were really impressed when we first drove in.  We needed a new place and I"m glad they built it for us," says John Fry of Terre Haute, Indiana.
The new complex in Sparta, replaces the old one in Vandalia, Ohio.  Along with all the competitions slated in the months ahead, and revenue that will be generated in the region, 250 people started their new jobs at the facility.