Farmers hoping for rain

Farmers hoping for rain
By: Arnold Wyrick
For the past month farmers in Southern Illinois have been able to only sit and watch as their fields slowly dry up.  But on the 4th of July some farmers got what they'd been hoping for, rain, and in some areas several inches of it fell in a short period of time.
"I was getting dry.  We hadn't had no rain for a good while.  And we got a dandy yesterday on the fourth," says Gale Sizemore of Williamson County.
But just to the West a few miles in Jackson County Richard Borgsmiller didn't see a drop of rain on his fields.
"Our rain for the last month has been spotty, with maybe three to four tenths every eight to ten days.  It's just enough to keep things halfway green.  But not enough to soak the ground good," Borgsmiller said.
Still he's not giving up hope that he'll still turn a good yield out of his corn crop.
"If the rain doesn't come then obviously the crop will be a lot shorter.  But I've got another 10 days until it tassels, and then how much rain we get will greatly determine my bushel per acre," Borgsmiller said.
Meanwhile Sizemore sees the hefty rain he received in his fields on Tuesday as a blessing.
"I'd say they're going to do good now.  The corn was just starting to tassel, and it'll help," Sizemore said.
Soybean farmers have a little more window of opportunity for their crops when it comes to rainfall.  The plants won't mature until late August.  And for those farmers who planted no till beans this year, they've still got some moisture in the soil.
"Well we could of used a little bit of that rain they got over in Williamson County.  But it's that way every Summer.  And that's what we deal with as far as farmers in grain production.  We're in a stressful situation as far as moisture is concerned," Borgsmiller said.