Your Money - Federal courthouse still under construction

Your Money - Federal courthouse still under construction
By: Wes Wallace
Cape Girardeau, MO - It's big, it's new, and it's not ready for business just yet. Over the last year or so, the new Federal Courthouse Building added to the skyline of Cape Girardeau. It won't be until spring of next year before it's open.
"The outside is pretty much finished," explains project manager Jim Snedegar, "That was the design plan, to complete the inside last."
Rather than hearing a judge's gavel, there's a hum of machinery in one of the three courtrooms. Leading into each one, a long hallway with huge windows overlooking City Hall toward the Mississippi Riverfront, and it's all part of a people friendly design.
"We wanted to get people involved, so we asked for input on what they wanted," says Snedegar, "Instead of using the big windows for offices, we made it more accessible to the public."
Construction crews and architects also shaped the building to have some local feel. Snedegar points to the use of limestone in parts of the building. Besides being state of the art with top of the line security, and seismographically sound, the Federal Courthouse features some new techniques in design concept. "Some of the flooring is what we call raised access," states Snedegar, "There's about eight inches beneath the actual floor. It's all open space and it's all for wiring and cables and what not."
The building is also up for a LEED award, or Leadership in Environmental Excellence in Design. It credits projects that use environmentally friendly construction methods.