Crest White Strips -- Part One

The smile is often listed as a person's most memorable feature. And bright, white teeth can really catch your eye. Crest White Strips is one of the most requested products yet for our Does it Work Wednesday test, so Amy Jacquin found a volunteer to try it.

Pam Simpson works in a Cape Girardeau law office. Looking professional is important, and Pam wants her smile to make a positive and lasting impression.

Her sister recently whitened her teeth, and Pam hopes a 38-dollar box of home bleaching strips gives her the same result! She takes a break from her routine to try Crest White Strips, and test the manufacturer's claim that it's simple and easy to use.

"I hope it whitens my teeth!" Pam says.

Pam's smile now is already nice. Like many of us, her teeth aren't terribly yellow or stained, but Pam wants them even brighter and whiter. We take a picture to record the exact shade of her teeth now, and will compare it to her smile after she tries the White Strips.

The strips come individually wrapped, separate shapes for upper and lower teeth. They're laced with peroxide which is commonly used in dental offices. The maker warns your teeth may become temporarily sensitive while bleaching, and gives instructions on how to handle that.

Crest recommends whitening one row at a time, starting with the upper. Just line the strip up with your gum line, and press. The excess gets folded behind your teeth to hold it in place. In a matter of seconds, Pam has her first strip in place. It almost shrink-wraps to her teeth!

"How does it feel?Any burning or stinging?" Amy asks. "No, it feels pretty good. I can feel I have something on my teeth. It's a little gritty, like when they clean your teeth and don't get all that polish out of your mouth."

You have to look closely to see Pam has anything on her teeth. So Crest's claim you can use them even while at work is proving true.

Directions say to use the strips twice a day for at least 14 days. Pam promises to follow directions closely, and we'll check back with her in a couple of weeks to see if Crest White Strips really work. So for now, the grade is still pending. Check back with us on Halloween.