Weekend party ends at the hospital

Weekend party ends at the hospital
By: Arnold Wyrick
Jackson County, IL - A weekend of reveling for a group of young men ended with 2 of them going to the hospital with injuries.  It all started late Friday night when the men set up camp at Kinkaid Lake.  Around 4 Saturday morning police were called to the area to break up a fight.
"Well the boys was just having fun.  But when you get a bunch of boys like that together you know they tend to get out of hand, and they end up hurting each others feelings.  And then the next thing you know they're throwing punches.  But the law seemed to take care of it pretty good," says James Carnley of Alford, Florida.
Police say the combination of too much alcohol and short tempers is what led the men fighting.
"It happened right behind our kids tent.  So we were kind of worried about that.  But I think they took care of everything.  And I'm glad they made them leave," says Sabrina Busby of Thebes, Illinois.
In fact a pair of deputies with the Jackson County Sheriff's Office escorted the remaining group back out to Kinkaid Lake to make sure they had all their belongings, and then escorted them off the property.
"We aren't going to put up with any trouble out of anyone this holiday weekend.  We've got families out here, and folks who just want to have a good time.  If they want to cause trouble they'll either be arrested, or kicked off the lake," says LeRoy McDonald President of Kinkaid Village Marina.
Some 4th of July revelers are actually happy the police are patrolling the lake in order to keep everyone safe.
"I think they did a pretty good job.  They've been riding around here on 4-wheelers.  Some of the guys they had their stereos jamming, and they made them turn them down.  And on Saturday morning they stood right there and watched as they packed up their tent.  They pretty much let us do what we want to do.  But if you get rowdy they'll take you out of here," says Don Bailey of Pamona, Illinois.
Police continue investigating who started throwing punches early Saturday morning.  No arrests have been made in connection to the fight.