Broad daylight crime spree

Broad daylight crime spree
By: Erica Byfield

McCracken County, KY - Some people have a need to buy and conversely a need to store, what just doesn't fit at home.

That's where business owners like Gina Anderson and Bruce Halvorson walk in, they're in the storage business.
"We've not had any break-ins ever," said Anderson.
"We have 15 locations in the Paducah area and I suppose we've had at least 50 cut off," said Halvorson.
Cut off storage unit locks. Detectives with the Paducah PD and McCracken County Sheriff's Department said in the past month this areas seen a bunch of storage unit break-ins, nearly 30 reported.
"The criminals will break in and basically it's like going to the store, they decide what they want and don't want," said Detective Captain Jim Smith with the McCracken County Sheriff's Department.
Believe it or not, these criminals use the daylight to their advantage.
"Basically if your obvious about it and pull up like your suppose to be there most people just give you a glance and don't think too much about it," said Smith.
"We're meeting people constantly that have units busted in and we hate to see anybody loose their items," said Halvorson.
Halvorson used a large pair of clippers as an example; he said all you need is arm strength and a few seconds later, the units all yours.
But, there are new ways to protect your self against the theft, Halvorson asks his customers to now use these circular locks, just like Gina Anderson.
"That's an added since of security people who rent from us do have," said Anderson.
Both owners and Detective Smith agree, although these locks may cost a bit more there worth it.
"If there's new technology lock wise invest in it because it's your personal property and some of your personal property maybe worth a whole lot more than the difference in the lock," said Smith.