City commissioner cashing-in without attending meetings

City commissioner cashing-in without attending meetings
By: Arnold Wyrick
West Frankfort, IL - Many folks in West Frankfort are in an uproar over the city's finance commissioner missing several meetings over the past year.  In fact according to Mayor Larry Warren, Doug Moore has only attended three city council meetings in the past year.
"The finance commissioner is in my absence the mayor, he steps in as mayor.  He's also the purchasing agent.  And needless to say with him living in Mississippi there's no way he can function in those two responsibilities.  And he as many many more," says Mayor Larry Warren.
Still some people question why the sudden concern over the city paying Moore $600 in salary a month, and another $540 in medical coverage monthly.
"They've been paying him all along.  Why are they making such a big deal out of it now?  he's only got a few months to go leave it alone.  And when elections come up put somebody else in office, and go on," says Randy Spiller of West Frankfort.
But it's not as easy as it may sound to just go.  And some people question why something can't be done before Moore's term ends in April 2007.
"I don't agree with his position, he accepted the position of finance commissioner.   And he should be here to do that job," says Gary Fravel of West Frankfort.
"I don't understand why he's the commissioner anyway.  It just seems ridiculous that he's still getting an income from the city.  How can that be," asks Amy Wilson of West Frankfort.
Mayor Warren says their hands are tied regarding the removal of Moore because he is an elected official.
"We unfortunately can't do anything about it.  We're trusting him to do the right thing and resign.  Which would be the best thing for him and the city," Mayor Warren said.
Council members did vote unanimously to strip Moore of all duties and responsibilites, and hand them off to another commissioner.  But the city will still have to pay him until the end of his term if he doesn't resign before then.
Moore was present during Tuesday nights council meeting, and he apologized to the folks crowded into the council chambers.  But he did not indicate what his intentions were regarding his office at city hall.