Sheriff kills man with his SUV

Sheriff Kills Man with SUV
By: Erica Byfield
Trigg County, KY - Depending on who you talk to you'll hear very different sides of this deadly story; one from state investigators and another from Michael Sowell's father, Eugene.
But both start the same way; with a phone call to 911 around 4 a.m. Wednesday.
Eugene says his son was drinking and upset the VCR wasn't working, "it wouldn't play and he got to raising cane about that and I said if you don't get back there and hush I'll call 911."
And he did, that's when veteran Sheriff Randy Clark showed up.
"When he pulled up he shined the lights right over there on him and he got up and started walking down here towards him and he either said stop or drop it... drop what?... he had a little old iron bar," said Eugene.
Here's where the accounts begin to differ; Barry Meadows with the Kentucky State Police said Sowell had two knifes and a pipe in his hands and didn't follow Sheriff Clark's directions to put them down.
So, Clark got back in his vehicle to leave and go get back up.
Then Meadows said Sowell walked into the path of his SUV.
Eugene Sowell describes it a little different, "the last time he said drop it he just put it in gear and floored it and kicked dust right here and run him over in the drive way; with me looking at him and her looking at him."
Eugene wants to know why the Sheriff decided to turn around, "he had plenty of room to turn either way or back up I don't see why he floored it as hard as he could."
A Trigg County deputy said Sheriff Clark will release his own statement.
In the meantime both Eugene and state investigators hope this story ends the same way; with an answer to what happened out here.
The Trigg County Coroner pronounced Sowell dead at the scene.
An autopsy this afternoon showed Sowell died from multiple blunt force traumas.