Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for Wheel and Tire

Does it Work Wednesday
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for Wheel and Tire
By: Lauren Keith
We've shown you before how Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser aced our "Does it Work" test, when it comes to household cleaning.
Now, the infamous bald man with the gold earring has a new Magic Eraser for Wheel and Tire.
I have high hopes for this new product.
After all, two summers ago, Amy Jacquin gave the Magic Eraser an A + for regular cleaning, especially after the little white eraser wiped away crayon on some walls!
This summer, I'm hoping Mr. Clean can clean brake dust I've been trying to get off my car's tires for months now.
First, the directions say to wet the eraser with water. Then squeeze out the excess. What's funny is the eraser actually feels dry to the touch, even after you soak it.  Maybe this little thing really is magic!  Time to go to work.
I quickly notice it's picking up the smallest stuff, and I'm not even rubbing that hard.
It's even getting what I think looks like corrosion off my hubcaps!
With results like this, early on, it does appear Mr. Clean will keep his A + grade.
However, I'm not done with the entire wheel just yet. Plus, the directions point out: it may take a few erasers to get these dirty tires sparkling. It looks like that is the case, just by looking at the grimy eraser.
Using the second eraser, I go over the wheel one more time, then it's on to the tire.
But, I may have spoken too soon. We've got a problem. The eraser is breaking apart as I clean the tire. Plus, as the wheel, or hubcap, dries, I notice some streaking.
So I grab a napkin from my glove box. I always have extras leftover from the drive-thru. I'm thinking I can just simply wipe away the smudging and smearing I do see. It works nicely.
I'm really happy with the overall results here. It looks like the Magic Eraser isn't perfect, but overall, it's pretty good.
So, Here's my advice. I would have preferred to wash my car first, even though the directions say the erasers do work right away on dirty tires and wheels. Secondly, I think the Magic Eraser does clean my wheels like never before, but I don't think it's for tires.
If you follow my advice and use the new Mr. Clean product only on your hubcaps, then I do think the $4 to $5 box of four erasers will be worth your money.
Mr. Clean - you get a B+ this time.
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