July 4th firework display canceled at local lake

July 4th firework display canceled at local lake
By: Arnold Wyrick
This 4th of July will have a little less bang in it for folks spending their weekend at Kinkaid Lake. That's because a change in the laws governing who can ignite them, and how they must be stored has changed.
Now any public firework displays must be set off by a certified person, mandated by the Illinois State Fire Marshall's Office.
"We normally wait to the last minute to apply for our permit. But we can't meet the requirements in time," says Leroy McDonald, better known as "Mac".
"You can get small stuff but they won't go far enough to where people can see them or enjoy them. And we tried to get the fireworks company we buy them from to shoot them for us this year. But they could not in Illinois. So that just left us out in the cold, in the bag. And so we won't have it this year," Mac said.
Plus the resort will have to build a secured bunker to meet the Illinois Department of Natural resources requirements for storing their fireworks.
For some people who were planning to see the sky filled with bursting colors of light, that's not what they really wanted to hear.
"I'm sure people are going to be disappointed. I kind of am because this will be the first year in awhile that I'm actually going to be here for the 4th, and I was looking forward to seeing the fireworks display. I always miss it and now they're not going to have it," says Dave Dorris of Madison, Illinois.
But all is not lost for those who will spend their time enjoying the thousands of acres of blue water, and live band over the holiday weekend.
"We get them lined up all the way out to the roadway, and they fill the boat parking lot. Some of them just come in for the show and we don't make anything on them. But the other people who stay here, we do. And that's good for the local economy," Mac said.
And Mac adds they're still going to have a good time while they're at Kinkaid Lake.
"I mean the 4th of July that's what you do is fireworks. I think everybody enjoys it. So I think it's kind of unfortunate that they're not going to be able to do that this year," says Tim Moser of Arnold, Missouri.
And his family still plans to enjoy their time this holiday weekend.
"We'll still be here and still be out on the lake and enjoying the lake, and having a good time," Dorris said.