Fighting the War on Terror with candy

Fighting the War on Terror with candy
By: Holly Brantley
Cape Girardeau, MO - Could candy be the secret weapon to win the War on Terror?
A local Marine, Captain Brian Hasheider, decided what better way to show Iraqis how much Americans care than by showing them how generous we can be. The idea: If you convince the kids, it's a lot easier convincing their parents. It's a war effort that you at home can enlist in.
Candy and toys may not sound like weapons of choice, but Captain Hasheider thinks it's just the thing.
So, he's enlisted the help of his family, and Southeast Missouri Hospital in Cape Girardeau to help him launch Brian's Hearts and Mind Campaign.
"They start with the kids," explains Brian's mom, Deb Hasheider. "Kids are more open, and less afraid. So, they start by making friends with the kids to get to their parents and that helps them find out where the insurgents and terrorists are."
"This program is about much more than just candy and toys," explained Mary Burton of Southeast Missouri Hospital's Foundation. "It's about winning the hearts and minds of people in Iraq through small gifts of candy and toys soldiers can give out to them."
Imagine tootsie rolls, and plastic dinosaurs that have the power to break down language barriers.
They are small things that turn American Marines and Iraqi children into friends.
"It puts a smile on the kid's face and makes the Marine really happy because he feels like he's accomplishing something," said Brian's brother, Craig. "I think it's just a great thing to do."
"I know there's a lot of people who just want to do something. So, this is something. It's small, but it's something we can all do," said Deb Hasheider.
While they aren't among the fighting overseas, Hasheider's family hopes carrying out this mission from thousands of miles away will help Brian and his fellow Marines win the War on Terror.
"If I had it to do over again I think I'd be more than happy to be right there with him," said Craig. You can donate items to Brian's Hearts and Mind Campaign through Southeast Missouri Hospital's Foundation.
For more information you are asked to call 573-334-9254.