Sex offender mix-up

Sex offender mix-up
By: CJ Cassidy
Stoddard County, MO - The laws about sex offenders constantly change; almost as often as some offender's addresses.
Now one offender's ex-wife claims his past continues to haunt her, and she wants to make it stop.
Jeri Morgan lives in Stoddard County, and says she recently found out her ex-husband, was still listed as living at her home; problem is he's a convicted sex offender.
The Stoddard County Sheriff says he's not surprised; that's exactly the kind of problem he's trying to fix.
it's tagged on me and my family.
Jeri Morgan thought she'd cut off all ties to her ex-husband; a convicted sex offender, eleven years ago.
But when she noticed the Stoddard County sex offender registry, listing Billy Morgan's address as her own, Jeri realized his past had come back to haunt her.
"When I was going to do a thing with the youth group county wouldn't let me be involved because I was tagged as being with an abuser," she says.
"We depend on the general public to review our sex offender list," Sheriff Carl Hefner says.
He understands why Morgan would be upset; he admits the county registry is far from accurate, but says his deputies are working on updating that list.
"Our deputies take a certain amount of subjects off that list they go out at night go to addresses they're reported to be living at check to make sure if they're at that address or not," he says.
Hefner says another problem, offenders who are no longer on probation or parole are expected to report change of addresses themselves. Something many, choose not to do.
"We don't want someone to fall out of the system or fall through the cracks. We need to keep tabs on these people we need to protect our children," he says.
Back at the Morgan home, Jeri says she's more than ready to help police, as long as they delete all traces of her troublesome past.
We also looked on the Highway Patrol website, and Jeri says Billy Morgan's address there is also an old one.
That's why police ask you to check out these sites from time to time and call in if you know of offenders moving into or out of the area.
Jeri says he moved to Biloxi, Mississippi, but police there don't have a record of him at all.