Sewage overflow troubles neighborhood

Sewage overflow troubles neighborhood
By: Erica Byfield

PADUCAH, KY --The rain in the forecast isn't sitting well with group of people in Paducah... Why?  They say each time it pours, the sewage system backs up and dumps the mess in their homes.

"I was here at the very time and watched it shoot up," said Henrietta Ross. 
Believe it or not, Ross isn't the only homeowner in the neighborhood up in arms.  At least ten others attended a meeting Tuesday to let the City Commission know something has to change.

Here's the problem, in an area known as the "West End.", sewage waste and storm run off flow through the same pipe.  Meaning, when there's a torrential down pour the system over loads and sludge bubbles out and ends up in the basements of these homes.

"It's awful, you talk about depression and frustration, you have it big time, who am I going to sell it to?" said Ross.
Mayor Bill Paxton understands their pain; he grew up in this neighborhood and adds this doesn't look to great for the city.
"We want people to live in the city and we want them to be happy in the city," said Paxton. 
The solution, the West End needs an updated system, one with pipes for both sewage and storm run off.
Paxton says one is in the works but it will take millions of dollars and at least 20 years to complete.
Time... Henrietta Ross doesn't want to wait. "I'm stuck; there is nothing I can do until they get it fixed."
But until that's done Ross says she'll keep her bleach handy, because she'll never knows what else is coming with the next thunder storm.           
If you live in this area and have a similar problem please contact the Joint Sewer Agency in Paducah.