Today is a Good Day

Hello again from your heartland sailor,

Today is a good day. I would like all those who read this to know that the world will be a safer place soon enough, that is , when we get rid of people like Osama Bin Laden and other radicals that refuse to accept the new and ever changing world that we live in today. Though i can see, through the articles in the newspapers and magazines that say the way he thinks, how Bin Laden and those like him do what they do but i believe that is the wrong way to go about telling the world that you do not like the way it is and the way it is becoming. I read that he believes that westernizm and capitalism will destroy the way the Islamic people live and what they believe in, but i disagree with him very much so, though i do not know very much if anything about the Islamic people. I hope, but doubt, that this kick in the "butt" from us and the British will help him realize that his way is not the right way and that democracy will triumph as it always has in the end. My personnel opinion is, that i hope that he is captured, brought before a trial, then found guilty and put to death for what he has done to the American people. I hope that now, more Americans can appreciate what it means to be an American and the privileges and freedom that we enjoy everyday that people in other countries would kill to be able to have and enjoy. i again want to remind everyone that as long as the U.S. military is on the job they will have nothing to ever worry about.

Very respectively, OSSA William Birkman