Two people drown in one day in the Heartland

Two people drown in one day in the Heartland
By: Ryan Tate
Two people died Sunday while in Heartland waters. Four year old Ann Brasseale died when she fell off a boat on Lake Barkeley. It was in on the same part of the lake that two people died last week after a boating accident.
Later that day, 24 year old Jason Lippart of Paducah drowned in the Black River in Poplar Bluff. Police say Lippart had been drinking earlier in the night, and decided to go into the water to cool off. His friends never saw him again. The Missouri Water Patrol found his body early Monday morning.
According to experts, there is a difference in trying to save people who are struggling in a river or lake, and those in a pool.
Luke Henson has been a Poplar Bluff lifeguard for five years.
"First thing you do is throw them something like a guard raft or a life jacket," Henson said."If they are unconscious, you are going to have to get into the water with them. They are probably face down. Get in there and get them to the side, and start performing CPR."
Lakes and rivers are different story. Experts say you should not get into the water, because you do not know what might be underneath the water, like tree stumps, limbs, or strong currents.
"We always keep buoys and polls so you can throw something. Anything that floats can save a life," Kathy Dickson said. Kathy has been a park ranger at Wappapello Lake for eleven years. "Do not go in. Just throw them something and pull them back."