Nation Remembers (10/11)

Today, Congress joined the rest of the nation in remembering those who were lost one month ago today in the September 11th attack on America.  At a service remembering those lost at the Pentagon, President Bush said, "Today we are a nation awakened to the evil of terrorism and determined to eradicate it. One by one we are eliminating the power centers of a regime that harbors Al Qaeda terrorists. We gave that regime a choice - turn over the terrorists or face your ruin. They chose unwisely."  The President is correct and America truly is united in defeating terrorism and preserving the freedom of our nation.

Congress has also turned its attention to Homeland Security.  In fact, we have added a new feature to our website ( focused on the efforts Congress has undertaken regarding the security of our nation.  I encourage you to visit the site to learn about legislation we have passed and legislation we are expected to take up soon (like the Patriot Act which could come up for a vote as early as this Friday).