Bartender fights back during robbery

City Limits Lounge bartender Robyn Breidenbach
City Limits Lounge bartender Robyn Breidenbach
Bartender fights back during robbery
By: Carly O'Keefe
Benton, IL - You might not want to ask one Benton, Illinois bartender to "hit you with another." Especially if you have plans to steal from her bar, on her shift.
"When I'm here and I'm behind the bar, this building, that money, it's my responsibility," said City Limits Lounge bartender Robyn Breidenbach.
Monday night, Breidenbach also felt it was her responsibility to stop a man from stealing bags of money from her bar.
"I seen the bags in his hands and I just tackled him. Just dove and tackled him, and out the door we went," said Breidenbach.
The bartender then started punching the would-be robber.
"I punched him in the face as hard as I could," said Breidenbach. "Three, four, five times. Finally he fell up against this window and he released the bags. I jerked and money went everywhere."
As Breidenbach tried to pick up the loose cash, she was knocked on the ground, and the man tried to wrestle the bag away from her.
"If I'd have let go and hit, he'd have gotten it. So I was kicking. And that's when I kicked him right between the legs. Finally, I got him good," said Breidenbach.
While she could not get a license plate number as the man sped away from the City Limits Lounge, she did manage to take a couple pieces of evidence from the robber that police are now using to try and locate a suspect.
"She was able to remove his shirt and knock off his hat," said Benton Police Chief Michael O'Neill.
Crime scene technicians gathered evidence from the clothing and are working to pull fingerprints from the money bag. While Chief O'Neill admits Breidenbach's actions were heroic, he says it's not always the best idea.
"The bartended was able to go home that night, it just kind of concerns people what else could have happened? So that's why I'd recommend not taking offensive action," said O'Neill. "If somebody comes in, give them what they want-and let them get out."
"It was instinct before common sense. I just knew I was responsible for this, and he wasn't getting it on my time," said Breidenbach.
Benton Police say the man they're looking for is a white male, 5'9" to 6' tall with a slender build. According to Breidenbach, he's either bald or has very short light-colored hair. He was seen driving a Cadillac away from the City Limits Lounge and used to own a Red Budweiser hat.