Calling all Amateur Detectives

Calling all Amateur Detectives
By: Erica Byfield

GRAVES COUNTY, KY --It's a fact!  Sexual predators live in the Heartland; and as we've reported, they use the internet to track their prey.

That's where you, the viewer can help. How would you like to be an amateur detective?
It's called old fashion police work, and Linda Snipes says it her specialty.
"I have a child and if somebody were to do something to my child I really can't say what I would do," said Snipes.
She makes it a point to know what her daughters up to and said if she spotted an odd conversation on the computer; she would go straight to the authorities.
"It's wrong, and maybe if they would come down harder on people like that would stop," said Snipes.
Trooper Barry Meadows, with the Kentucky State Patrol, says it's the help his agency gets from amateur detectives like Snipes that aids in putting sexual predators behind bars.
KSP's latest example is 19-year old Allen Collie. Troopers arrested Collie in late April for having child pornography.
"Through that investigation we learned of a conversation he had back in November 2005 with an adult female where he was requesting she bring a ten year old miner female to his home for a sexual encounter," said Meadows.  He adds that KSP relies on tips.
"We've got to know, we got to learn it some how. Right now, until we form a task force of special detectives to sit in these offices 8 to 10 hours a day we don't know what's going on," said Meadows.
In this latest case Collie lived in Graves County and he tried to solicit the 10-year old from Marshall County.
"It's happening in your own backyard educate your child and know what's going on online," said Meadows.
Linda Snipes says she'll keep a watchful eye and hopes others follow her lead, "more people need to come forward if they know stuff."