L & N Hearing

L & N Hearing
By: Carly O'Keefe

MOUNDS, IL --Patrons of the L & N Club in Mounds, Illinois had their day to stick up for the bar that's been closed since late last week and is in danger of losing its liquor license.
Police say the L & N Club has been the source of numerous violent incidents in recent years.
Club owner Leroy Morris, says he doesn't think his bar is any rowdier than others in town. He says since it's located just across the street from the police department it gets much more attention than other bars in town.
Police and State's Attorney Grayson Gile argue the crowd of club goers gets out of hand on a regular basis.
At the public hearing, Gile listed off several instances of violence: a man run over by a car outside the club, a girl was grazed by a bullet, a small riot with 20 or 30 people fighting outside and six shots fired in May, and last week a fatal car accident involved one of the club's patrons driving with three times the legal limit of alcohol in his blood.
Morris and his patrons say it's really not as bad as police make it out to be.
"They (police) turn their lights on and everybody wants to go out and see what's going on. Most of 'em are just standing around. They have no 20 or 30 people fighting at one time; long as I've been there they've never had that many people fighting at one time. They might have four or five at the most," said club owner Leroy Morris.
Mayor Waylon Butler is the Mounds Liquor Commissioner. He opted not to take any action Monday evening. Butler now has five days to decide whether or not to revoke the L & N liquor license.