Disturbing Stoddard County Fire

Disturbing Stoddard County Fire
By: Tiffany Sisson

STODDARD COUNTY, MO --What started as a fight ends in flames. The Stoddard County Sheriff's Department got the call early Thursday morning of a house fire, just outside Advance. As firefighters doused the flames, they took a woman into custody. But, there's a disturbing twist! Not only do police say that mother set the house on fire, she did so with her two young children still inside.
The Stoddard County home on County Road 306, once filled with the laughter of children, is now filled with burnt ruble and charred remains. Tiny clothes still hang in what's left of the closet; and. plastic toys are now melted into a dolls hair. Police believe it is all the work the children's mother, 25-year-old Candi Holt of Advance.
"It is surprising that a mother would jeopardize her children to this extent," exclaimed Stoddard County Sheriff Carl Hefner.
Police tell Heartland News it all started as a fight between Holt and her husband outside the home, "There was an argument out in the yard. She left, went inside the house. After she went inside the house, he looked in and noticed the curtains of the house were on fire, said Hefner.
Police believe Holt ignited the flames with a cigarette lighter while her two children were in bed, sleeping in the next room. "He (the husband) immediately went in and got the two small children, ages 2 and 3, out of the house, then went in and got his wife out of the house," explained Hefner.
The children are with their father. Their mother, Candi Holt, sits behind bars at the Stoddard County jail on a $125,000, cash only bond.