Law Enforcement Search for Murder Weapon

Law Enforcement Search for Murder Weapon
By: Ryan Tate
SIKESTON, MO --Sikeston investigators continue their search for the knife 21-year old James Cullum claims he used to kill Teshaneya Walker. Cullum says the knife is in a pond near the culvert where two fisherman found Walker's body Sunday.  Cullum says he killed her back on June 5th and put the body in the culvert.
Police were surprised Sunday night when the saw Vernon Cullum, James' father, talking to a photographer from Heartland News.  Vernon was committing on the investigators retrieval of Walkers' body.  James was standing right next to him.
"We've always heard in our training that people will return to crime scenes and we're always mindful of that," Sikeston Department of Public Safety Chief Drew Juden said. "But this is the first time someone has come back, and we knew they were here."
Investigators began interviewing James Cullum shortly after the body was discovered, but after his dad talked with Heartland News.  James confessed to killing Walker during that interview.
Prosecutors charge Cullum with First Degree Murder and Armed Criminal Action. He is currently sitting in the Scott County Jail.