New Law Cracks Down on Kentucky Sex Offender

New Law Cracks Down on KY Sex Offender
By: Erica Byfield
PADUCAH, KY --A new law means a forced moving day for sex offenders in Kentucky. On July 12th the restrictions of where offenders can live are getting slimmer and one Paducah man says he's applauding the change.
With the heat come the ants!
Willie Riley tells me there pesky and bothersome. But, Riley has much greater worries in his neighborhood; he, his wife and their ten year old son live across the street from a registered sex offender.
"You really don't think about those people being right next door to you or right across the street from you. You think that's somebody else's neighborhood, not my neighborhood," said Riley.

A few years ago a neighbor on the block discovered a watch dog site like highlighting all the offenders in Paducah.

"I was shocked; I said are you kidding me because I've talked to the guy before," said Riley.
More shocking to him and neighbors is that Michael Norwood a convicted rapist lives a few minutes from Cooper-Whiteside Elementary.
That will change next month, beginning July 12th state law will say there is no more "grandfathering." Meaning no matter "when" or "what" sexual crime you committed you can't live with in one thousand feet of a school, daycare or playground.
Another change to come deal with boundaries, they will be measured from one property line to another (instead of the physical structures).
I'm pleased at least there doing something and not turning their back on it... because it turn your back on something like this is to turn your back on the kids," said Riley.
Riley's lived in his house for nearly 15 years and adds he takes pride in his neighborhood, and a new state law he feels will keep his family safe.
Sexual offenders within the new restricted zone have move by October 12th.