Cold Case

Cold Case 
By: Erica Byfield
Mayfield, KY - Losing a loved one can be heart breaking, but imagine talking your mother one day and the next she missing without a trace.
That's nightmare one heartland woman is living through.
Her mother Sandra Travis disappeared last summer from Graves County, Kentucky.
Dawn Vowell calls this one of her better days, "it's not knowing that is the worst," she said.
Knowing where her 59 year old mother is, Sandra Travis vanished July 31st, 2005.
Vowell says she's spent the last 11 months wondering, crying and looking for answers.
"I can't explain the emotions to you, you feel helpless, hopeless, frustrated because you're not getting any answers and you know there is somebody out there who knows something," said Vowell.
Yet to this date there are no leads or tips.
Travis's husband first told family members Sandra died in Mount Vernon while visiting Vowell, but later admitted to deputies he lied.
Next Bobby said Sandra ran off with a trucker from Carbondale.
Vowell tells me she doesn't believe it.
"I believe he knows what happened to her other wise he wouldn't told lies and he's refused to take a lie detector test," said Vowell.
Deep down inside Vowell's holding out hope, "I bought her a birthday card in November, I also bought her a mother's day card in May. I have those in my case and I will continue to buy them until I have answers."
She adds her own birthdays next month, July 22 and without a doubt each year a card with a special message arrives.
"It seems like every where you go you hit a brick wall and we still don't know anymore," said Vowell.
Vowell says she's not losing hope, she's just praying the mail man has a special delivery on the 22nd. That way she'll know momma's alright.
If you've seen or know where Sandra Travis could be please contact the graves county sheriffs department at 270-247-4501