White Light Tooth Whitening System

White Light Tooth Whitening System
By: Lauren Keith
The $20 dollar White Light Tooth Whitening System claims to give immediate results, after you apply peroxide gel to the dental tray, pop it in, and put this light in your mouth for ten minutes. Heartland news producer Becki Suthers helps us out on this test. She's hoping for results just like the product label shows. Ten minutes later-
"Nothing dramatic, no," says Becki.
However, the directions say best results are seen if you use it for three ten-minute sessions. So, we give it a second try with Dr, David Kaelin. He says the White Light System appears to be a scaled-down version of the professional cleaning he offers. Dr. Kaelin's patients hold the bleaching tray in their mouths for an hour, rather than 10 minutes, and check out the light he uses.
"The light is trying to activate the solution. We use a light here to activate our solutions. They'll activate on their own, but the light makes it go quicker," said Dr. Kaelin.
I'll admit Becki and I were both surprised when we learned Dr. Kaelin often tells his patients to try over-the-counter whitening products, first, before even coming to his office.
"Sometimes on light stains, I might suggest my patient try the over-the-counter products. If they don't work--then fine---they come back and get the professional whitening done," says Kaelin.
Dr. Kaelin uses a teeth shade chart to examine "before and after" results of our second test.
"Let's see, we started off at this color, and we went to this color, so she did get a little whiter! If i had to grade this right now, probably in the ‘B' range, from what I see. She got a nice result initially," he says.
Plus, the directions say you can see best results after using the light for a total of five days. That's when we caught up with Becki again.
"I think my teeth are whiter but I question how long they'll stay that way. This is a bit inconvenient. You can't talk for ten minutes and it can get kind of messy, so I guess you have to decide how badly you want whiter teeth," says Becki.
Let's see for ourselves. We can see a difference, when we compared our "before and after" shots. Notice--- we snapped the shots using the same lighting in the KFVS studio.
"I think my teeth are whiter but I think this product might be a bit pricey, when you consider I ran out of solution by the end of the five days and you will need several refills, depending on how white you want your teeth," Becki says.
So we do have to consider this--- White Light refills cost ten bucks each. We've already spent $20 for the startup kits. Therefore, we're grinning over the whitening results, but we're frowning a bit on the cost of maintaining that pretty smile and the inconvenience of holding this thing in your mouth!
That said, the White Light tooth Whitening System gets a B-.