Year Round School

Year Round School
By:  Wes Wallace 
Cape Girardeau, MO - Year round school. It's not something schoolchildren ever want to hear, especially while on summer break. "I don't think students would like it very much." It's a pretty common response from most students when asked about the idea. For now it's only a concept the Cape Girardeau School Board will look into as a possibility, but the issue did come up at Tuesday night's meeting. Board members want the district administration to look at year round school as part of a five year plan. As of now there are no proposed schedule changes for altering the school calendar, it's simply an idea being discussed for consideration.
We talked to several parents and students about the idea, with each offering mixed ideas on the year round concept.
"I think students would want a chance during the summer to chill out, and just take a break," says Lindsey Jaco, a recent Cape Central graduate. Her younger sister Holly, a 4th grader, disagrees, "I think it would be better for the teachers so they don't have to go over everything again at the beginning of the school year."
It's a concept that some Cape School Board members want to explore, to streamline the learning year, rather than disrupt it up with a long summer break.
Carla Price attended school in Florida on a year round schedule. She likes the idea of her two kids switching, "You don't forget as much, you take that three month break and when you come back, it's like, oh yeah and takes a couple of months to remember what you forgot over the summer."
Again, it's only some the Cape School Board is looking into; no final decision has been made.