Conflicts Exist on Board That Oversees Bald Knob Cross

Conflicts Exist on Board That Oversees Bald Knob Cross
By:  Ryan Tate 
Religion, politics and money are at the heart of the dispute at Bald Knob Cross, the holy site in Union County.
Eighteen people make up the Board of Directors that oversee the property and the Cross, but deep divisions split the Board in two. One side is made up of new members who want to make changes to the way things have been. The other is the minority, made up of eight people who want changes, but not the same changes as the majority.
"We want to get back to the original vision of the Church, to allow this place to be used to praise and worship the Lord," Board President Steve Babb said.  Babb presented the Board with new bylaws he would like to see inacted.  Babb says the bylaws have not been changed in 30 years.
Tirzah Lirely Tweedy is also on the Board, but she is in the minority. Her father helped build the Bald Knob Cross.
"This was to be a non-denominational area. Never to have a church up here.  This new group of people wants to build their Church up here," Tweedy said.
Babb says he wants to see the historic Cross repaired. Babb says it has not been maintained since it was finished back in 1963.  Babb puts the price tag at $250,000 to $500,000.