One Tank Trips - Bollinger County Museum of Natural History

One Tank Trips - Bollinger County Museum of Natural History
By:  Holly Brantley  
Marble Hill, MO - As the price of gas goes up, so does the price of your family vacation. But, there's no reason to stay at home when you can find family travel destinations right in our own backyard. So, this summer we're going to show you some Heartland attractions that are close to home.
We begin at the home of the Missouri Dinosaur, something you won't find anywhere else in the Midwest. To check it out, visit the Bollinger County Museum of Natural History in Marble Hill. Inside the Museum, you'll also find weapons of the Civil War, and Native American artifacts. It's a trip through Missouri's past 60 Million years in the making. Donna Calvert works at the Museum but she's much more than a Museum employee. Calvert holds a degree in Archeology, and is a wealth of information when it comes to the artifacts housed in the Museum. "You see Dinosaurs out West, but our environment was as such that they would not normally survive here," explained Calvert. "So, it's very unusual for this area to actually see Dinosaur bones."
Beverly Peters is Co-Chairman of the Museum's Board. She explains that the museum is home to a working lab where bones are cleaned and reconstructed. "The whole community is really what makes thisMuseum possible," said Peters. Besides the Dinosaur fossils, locally discovered Civil War relics, and Native American artifacts offer clues to our past.
Both Peters and Calvert hope families around the Heartland will takeinterest in the Museum, anddrop in to explore.There's so much to see atBollinger County's Museum of Natural History.The trip won't cost you much more than the price of gas.Admission is free.

You can take a tour on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday afternoons between 12:00 noon and 4:30 p.m. Or, call to make an appointment at 573-238-1174. You can alsocheck out the website at

The Bollinger County Museum of Natural History is located on Mayfield Drive in Marble Hill.
About ten miles from MarbleHill, you'll find another nice spot for a day trip in Cape GirardeauCounty. Take Highway 34 to Highway HH to Burfordville and you'll find Bollinger Mill State Historic Site.The site features a 19th Century water-powered mill and Missouri's oldestcovered bridge. The twobuildings are popular with photographers and artists, but the location is also a perfect place for a family picnic. Guided tours of the Mill are also given daily.