Got your Grillz on? Mouth fad hits the Heartland

Got your Grillz on? Mouth fad hits the Heartland
By: Holly Brantley

Cape Girardeau, MO - Do you know what a Grill is? We're not talking what you made dinner on last night. We're talking about accessories for your teeth.

It's a trend made popular by the St. Louis Hip Hop artist Nelly, and it's hitting the Heartland.
"It's been around," said Chuck Moore. "But, Nelly put it out there and made everybody want to get it."
Moore got his Grill about a year ago. He says it's just fad jewelry for your teeth. "Before you leave you have to put your shoes on, for me I have to put my Grill in."
Chuck's Grillz are only temporary. He doesn't eat, drink, or sleep with them in. Chuck says they cost a pretty penny. But he just had to have them.
Terri Hurley of Bo's Jewelry and Pawn in Sikeston says these 14 kt gold caps have been a hot item in her store for almost 20 years. "We sell gold caps almost everyday. So, I can't really say the song did anything for us," said Hurley.
"They're only fifteen dollars. It's an easy item for someone to come in and get something to wear with their daily outfits or wanna go out and smile real big."
Whether you want a little bit of shine, or a whole mouth full of sparkle, thanks to Nelly it looks like Grillz will be around for a while. "Before you see a couple of cats with Grillz, but after that you see youngsters with Grillz and everything," said Moore.