Closing a school - a student's perspective

Superintendent Dr. Randy Greene
Superintendent Dr. Randy Greene
Closing a school - a student's perspective
By: Erica Byfield
Paducah, KY - Closing a school is big deal and Superintendent Dr. Randy Greene said he's not taking his decision lightly to shut down Cooper-Whiteside. Neither are students.
Michelle Wilkerson is an interesting student, schools out, but she's says more than willing to go back.
"I just want to do math and a lot of stuff," said eight year old Wilkerson.
If superintendent Dr. Randy Greene has his way, Michelle's short commute to school is going to get a whole lot longer.
"I can walk down there because it's easier than going on the bus," added Wilkerson.
Her mother agrees, and says Michelle's grades soared at cooper and hates to see it close.
"Michelle really thrived there., my child she's been doing a lot better, she's really thrived there than she did at her other school," said Rebecca Breidenbach.
But Superintendent Greene said he wants to assure parents like Breidenbach moving students to Morgan and McNabb elementary schools is the best choice for the community.
"When I stand back and look at everything all the pieces of the pie it just seems like and because of growth this community and because when I look at the future and vision what's going to happen is five years 10 years with this city I think we need to look at the pouches of population," said Greene.
Cooper-Whiteside is the smallest school in the district with less than three hundred students, including Head Start.
Greene adds there are more than one-hundred and forty empty seats at both Morgan and McNabb so there will be plenty of room for students like Michelle. but, she's not so sure about the move.
"I don't like the school closing because I love it there," said Wilkerson.
The board is expected to make it's final decision within the next two months.
If you're wondering what they'll do with the building Dr. Greene said they'll put it up for sale, so the district doesn't have to heat, cool or insure it.