Missing woman found alive

Missing woman found alive
By: Heartland News

Wayne County, IL - Good news for everybody who's spent the last three days looking for 73-year-old Hazel Roach of Wayne County.
Relatives and Wayne County deputies say a civil search team put together by the Greenville Fire Department found Roach alive between 8 and 8:30 Tuesday night.
She was in a creek bed about a mile south of her home. Roach had suffered a broken arm, but otherwise is O.K.
She was air-lifted to a Cape Girardeau hospital for treatment.
Family members say Roach suffers from alzheimer's disease, and that she wandered off after visiting her mother's house.
More than 200 people from around the country had been helping in the search. They have been using ATV's, horses and even a highway patrol helicopter.