Superintendent proposes closing school

Superintendent proposes closing school
By: Wes Wallace
Paducah, KY - Students attending Cooper Whiteside Elementary in Paducah may attend class at a new school after next year.
After much talk of closing an elementary school, Superintendent Dr. Randy Greene made the recommendation at Monday night's Paducah School Board meeting. For now, it's only a recommendation, but the school board members could make a decision within the next month.
Dr. Greene says closing Cooper Whiteside would help save money for the district, as much as anywhere from three to fifteen million dollars.
Included in Greene's recommendation, transferring students from Cooper Whiteside to two other schools, Morgan and McNabb Elementary, which both have room for extra children.
The proposal would also move the alternative school to the industrial arts building at Paducah Tilghman High School.
Dr. Greene explains by closing one school and the alternative school, the other schools would benefit with building and material upgrades.
The closure would take place at the end of the 2006-2007 school years, and redistricting would be looked at later this year.
Again, the school board has until July to make a final decision based on Greene's recommendation, but they could make an announcement before then at an upcoming meeting.