Mayor Faces Recall Election

Mayor Faces Recall Election
By: Ryan Tate
Farmington's City Clerk cannot remember ever seeing a city mayor face a recall election, but this August she will see her first one.
More than 2,000 people signed a petition to have Mayor Charles Rorex recalled from office. The organizers of the petition say people are tired of high electric bills and their view that the city's money is being "mismanaged."
Heartland News reported this spring, that the city raised their electric rates by 16%, after raising them 29% in September of 2005.
"People can't afford their electric rate increase," Albert Turley said.  "It's all about the electric rates." Turley helped organize the petition to have Mayor Rorex recalled.
"I think we're all elected officials and we do the best job we can and we keep the city in mind," Rorex said.
The St. Francois County Clerk certified the recall petition last week, paving the way for the recall election later this year.  Rorex has won two elections for mayor, the last in 2005.