Board of Education proposes changing time designation

Board of Education proposes changing time designation
By: Ryan Tate

The Kentucky Board of Education proposes changing "B.C." (Before Christ) and "A.D." (After Christ) associated with dates, to "B.C.E." (Before Common Era) and "C.E." (Common Era).   Some think it will help students adapt to current changes in education. Others think it is too p.c. (politically correct).

The Board of Education made the proposal back in April, but held a public meeting Tuesday to let citizens voice their opinion.  Sixty people showed up in Frankfort, but the board members expected close to 200.

According to board members, the reason for the change is that the terms are already used on college-education exams and at some national education institutions.

"Staff believed that students were going to be exposed to these terms either on a test or the research they might do. And so the staff believed it might be helpful to them to at least be presented with the information. This does not represent a mandate," Kentucky Department of Education spokeswoman Lisa Gross said.

The board meets again in June.  The eleven-member board has six new people on it, appointed by Governor Ernie Fletcher.  He opposes the changes to the dating system.

"Seems like they spent a lot of time on something we all understand. You would think they would have better ways to spend our money," Bob Eddleman of Graves County said.