'Airline Workers Fairness Act' (10/2)

Today, the Show-Me-State Delegation in the House of Representatives joined forces for Missouri's TWA employees. Rep. Emerson, along with Reps. Skelton, McCarthy, Hulshof, Graves, and Clay introduced the "Airline Workers Fairness Act." The legislation, which mirrors legislation originally introduced by Senator Kit Bond (R-MO) would move seniority integration talks for TWA and American Airlines workers into independent 3rd party arbitration. They were joined by another Heartland Legislator -- John Shimkus of Illinois and Robert Simmons of Connecticut. They got a symbolic boost from Nevada Congressman Jim Gibbons, a commercial airline pilot who joined them in sponsoring the legislation. The same legislation has been introduced by Senator Kit Bond.

Commenting on the legislation Emerson said, "This legislation is about one thing and one thing only, making sure that when we are looking at the seniority of employees that we are looking at one list -- not a TWA list or an American Airlines list, but one list that ensures all employees are treated with equality and fairness -- regardless of who they were working for prior to these airlines coming together. Third-party arbitration is the best way for all parties involved to be certain that the seniority issue is handled fairly, responsibly and without bias."
American Airlines announced on September 22, that it would lay off at least 20,000 employees. The seniority integration process of TWA and American Airlines is not complete. The lack of completion on issues involving seniority has caused major concern for TWA employees who face the possibility of unfair treatment. The "Airline Workers Fairness Act" would establish a fair and unbiased third-party resolution practice that all parties can agree upon.