18 Year-Old Proud to Serve


My name is Operations Specialist Seamen Apprentice William C. Birkman and I am stationed aboard the USS Gettysburg (CG-64) home ported in Mayport, FL and am currently out to sea in the Mediterranean Sea. I live in Advance, MO and have watched KFVS12 news since I was a young child. I am writing in regards to your e-mail wanting information about the world from a military view of those that live in the heartland and serve in the military. I would like to say though I am only 18 years old, that I proudly serve in this great nations military and have done so for just under a year now. I would also like to say to those at home in the Heartland that those terrorists that attacked the our embassy's in Africa, the ones who attacked the USS Cole (DDG-67), the ones that attacked the pentagon and destroyed the World Trade Center that there is no one in the world that can protect them from the wrath of the United States when we catch them.