Young Entrepreneur

Young Entrepreneur
By:  Wes Wallace
Chester, IL - Following a lifelong dream, a Chester, Illinois, man runs his own business, and he doesn't even have a high school diploma...yet. On Sunday, the 18-year old will graduate along with his fellow classmates, and with an advantage most seniors don't own.
"They call us up, say we need a website, hey this is what I want, we built it from scratch," says William Kasel of Kasel CMC.
With the push of some computer keys and the click of his mouse, Kasel shows off some of his work. "We do web design, in fact the City of Chester asked us to do their website," says Kasel, who's done this type of web design for the last two years. Even at age 18, he's no stranger to working hard for the money, "I was always that kid, that 8 year old with a lemonade stand, mowing lawns, it's just been a dream."
The young entrepreneur keeps a small but growing list of clients, and explains starting up a new business isn't easy, especially at his age, "Some people are like, I don't take you seriously, because you 18-year old which you're gonna run into, other people are like wow!"
When he's not working on websites, Kasel also keeps a part time job at Marcello's, helping deliver Italian food. After graduation, Kasel plans to attend Southern Illinois University in the fall and major in cinematography, but he's not ready to quit his passion, his first business just yet. "I like what I do, so if it keeps building, I want to keep doing this as well."