Scrubbing Bubbles Shower Cleaner

Does it Work Wednesday
Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner
By: Lauren Keith

Valerie Winingar and I couldn't wait to tear in her new Scrubbing Bubbles product. After all, the automatic shower cleaner promises to "keep a clean shower clean from day one." Something that would make Valerie's job easier, as one of the housekeepers for the "Cleaning Lady" service in Jackson.
"A lot of our clients want us to use Scrubbing Bubbles. They leave it for us to use when we come in," said Winingar.
Valerie's been pleased with Scrubbing Bubbles products in the past. So far, we find this one easy to install. The $20 start-up kit also comes with batteries and two refills.
"Here we go!"
That beeping warns us we have 15 seconds to get out of the shower, before the sprayer starts.
Luckily, this shower doesn't reach the ceiling, so photojournalist Tony McClellon gets up high to show us exactly what's going on. Just like the insert in the box says, "12 seconds later," the sprayer stops. However, both Valerie and I are skeptical that 12 seconds is all it takes to clean a shower.
"The mist is so fine," notices Valerie.
The shower cleaner claims it shoots the spray in a 360 degree radius in showers as big as eight feet wide.
"I don't even thin it's hitting this back wall--and this isn't even a six foot shower," says Valerie.
We end up pushing the sprayer button four more times to see what happens. As I open the shower door a bit, I can see the mist barely even hits our camera lens.
However, Valerie and I remain open-minded. We decide to put some shaving cream on the shower door to truly get a good idea of what the mist is, or isn't, doing. After all, the TV commercial leads you to believe you'll never have to scrub again!
"So far, I'm not impressed. All it's really hitting is the wall it's hanging on. It's soaked. I'm sorry, I give it an 'F!' I don't see that it's doing anything--not for $20," she says.
Valerie cleans off the shaving cream because she's not going to leave her client's shower looking like this. However, we do leave this spot on the otherwise, clean shower. Homeowner Charlotte Bess agrees to push the button and use the shower cleaner everyday for a week.
"I didn't like the chemical smell everyday," said Bess.
Now it's time for Valerie to inspect the shower, one week later.
"I do see that spot on the wall that it did not get. This was a clean shower, minus a few spots, and those few spots are still here. I don't think it did its job," she says.
Both Valerie and Charlotte give the shower cleaner a failing grade 'F', and remind you, you're still going to have to scrub your shower, even with this product. So, with the $20 startup costs and knowing the $4 refills may only last about a week, we think you're better off sticking to your regular cleaning regimen.
"If it didn't keep a clean shower clean, it's certainly not going to clean a dirty shower," says Valerie.
I'm assuming it's, at least, cutting down on mildew, but when you look at its cost compared to regular cleaning fluids and get these results--- the Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner gets a disappointing D.