Hitting "The Wright Spot"

Hitting "The Wright Spot"
By: Holly Brantley
It took more than thirty years and a hurricane to bring a Perryville couple back to the place where their life together began. Shortly after Bob and Jane Wright were married the couple moved to New Orleans.
They raised three sons. And then, three decades later Katrina hit, sending them back to the very spot where it all began. "Go around the corner and I'll show you were my wife and I had our first date," Bob Wright explained.
He recalled the first time he and his wife Jane met after spending six months as pen pals while he was in the military. "I get touched," said Bob. For the Wright family, Perryville's Mercier Theater shows you can go home again. They were married in Perryville and moved to New Orleans soon after. And, that's where they stayed for more than thirty years.
"Katrina came along," said Bob. "She destroyed our house and we got transplanted up here."
That's how they found what they call: "The Wright Spot to Hang Out." The Wright's, along with their sons, bought the Mercier Theater where they had that first date.
"We were thinking about doing this. We checked out buildings in town and found out this one is for sale," said Bob. "I thought 'Hey, that's where we started.'"
They turned the building into an Internet Cafe and Arcade. They enjoy serving customers of all ages. At "The Wright Spot," there's something for everyone.
"This is home," said Bob. "This is where I spend most of my time. A lot of kids that come here I know by their first names."
Jane says she enjoys the children as well. "I could work here all day and just be working with them," said Jane. "They're really great."
The Wright's mix their own personality with the building's nostalgic charm. From the coffee, to the games, and the movie posters that line the walls there are many places to explore.
There's even a ghost that calls the theater home. "I'll be down in the kitchen and somebody will walk up behind me," said Bob.
At first it was erie, but not scary." The Wright's have even caught the ghost's shadow on the security cameras. "You can see right through it," said Bob.
You can usually find the Wright's oldest son, Bob junior, behind the concession stand. He worked for theaters in Louisiana for ten years. Bob junior has played a big part in renovating the theater. "This is so cool to bring this place back to way it should be," Bob junior said.
Bob senior says the building has had many faces over the years. "It was a theater, then a tanning salon, then a gymnasium, then a ministry," he explained. "Now, it's "The Wright Spot.""

Their customers agree. "It's kind of a romantic story about the two. It's kind of what got me involved, other than sharing the same last name," said a regular customer, Matt Wright. "We're not related, but it's a good place to come and support the town."

Jane prepares the New Orleans home cooking for the cafe. Jane says she likes the new friends, "I didn't know there were so many interesting people here."
Bob says he's a coffee drinking and he enjoys serving drinks.
Meanwhile Bob junior hopes to get a projector and one day show movies in the theater again.