Paducah Public Pool to Open Late

Paducah Public Pool to Open Late
By: Erica Byfield
Paducah, KY - It's beginning to feel like summer, and for folks across the Heartland the Memorial Day weekend marks the start of the outdoor swimming season.
But not in Paducah, the pool is closed.
Drake Blevis is only 5 and enjoys everything Noble Park offers, like the slides and monkey bars, but as of Tuesday morning his favorite summer pass time is out.
"You can float with your floaties," said Drake.
Somewhere in the nearly four hundred thousand gallon pool there is one or more leaks.
Parks and Recreation Supervisor Trace Stevens said after a "wet" run a few weeks ago they noticed a problem.
"We just painted it for the season, we put water in it and it just couldn't hold the water," said Stevens.
The new pool is inside the old pool. Years ago workers covered up the old shell and put a new one in, so now there is a three foot gap underground.
"We've had smaller leaks before but nothing to the extent of this year we think the winter weather and all that has caused some pipes to burst and maybe the ground to heave underneath and disconnect something," said Stevens, he adds there may as many as 52 pipes broken underground.
That is not music to the ears of Drake's mom, Julie Lee.
"It makes you feel cool when it's hot," said Drake, he loves to swim and during the summer he and friends cool off here at least twice a week.
"The kids are out of school and there restless and they need something to occupy their time," said Lee.
It looks like the pool won't open until June 10th.
Trace Stevens adds he just as eager for the opening, he spent all his summers as a kid, like Drake swimming in Noble Park.