Dirty Ice

Dirty Ice
By:  Jason Lindsey 
It's cold, refreshing, and great tasting on a hot summer day, but have you ever thought about what's in your ice?
We have some shocking truth about the ice you put in your cup. Bottom line, you might think twice before filling up your cup with ice the next time you're at the local convenience store or restaurant. Research shows there are more bacteria in the common ice machine than in the toilet.
Heartland News tested 5 locations in our area to see how dirty the ice is when compared to the toilet water. We took samples of ice and toilet water to Jackson High School microbiology teacher Dan Brown for some results.
We placed our samples into an incubator for about 48-hours. It turns out, only 1 out of the 5 ice samples were contaminated with bacteria and none of the toilet water was contaminated.
Brown says the reason for bacteria in ice could be that the toilet is usually sanitized once if not twice a day when the ice machine does not get sanitized at much.
If you are worried about getting a cup of dirty ice, Brown suggests you ask the store or restaurant manager when the ice machine was sterilized last. Basically, the more an ice machine is sanitized the cleaner the ice is in your cup.