Working From Home is an Option According to Some

Working From Home is an Option According to Some
By: Wes Wallace
We've all had those days where we just didn't want to get up out of bed and go to work. Instead of fighting traffic, rather than punching a timecard, or dealing with that annoying coworker, there are some lucky people who get to work from home.
"I can do casual Friday any day of the week, a lot of times it's my pajamas or sweats,' says Beth Leible, an at home medical transcriptionist, "I really enjoy it, it's got a lot of benefits that go with the career."
Leible can listen to doctor's dictation that's sent into her headphones, through the phone line. She's worked from home for more than 18-years, and explains she moved from the hospital to there to be closer to her two children. "They still had to go the babysitter for awhile, but at least I can arrange my schedule to go to their school plays, or field trips, or if they were sick, I'd be there for them."
She says there are some disadvantages of working from home, especially since her job requires knowing a lot of technical medical terminology. "You just can't ask the dog what that word was,'" jokes Leible.
Besides not having any office gossip or water cooler chit-chat, Leible points out some other things you don't always have working from home. "Usually when you get your paycheck, they take out taxes, but when you get a paycheck and have to take out a certain amount aside for self employment taxes." Plus there's no 401K, no health insurance, and no paid vacation.
However, Leible says she wouldn't trade in her at home career for an office job.
Amanda Becker also works from home and agrees with Leible. "I love it, I've always wanted to work from home." Becker sells Mary Kay cosmetics on the side from her home and goes door to door. Her main job, though, is as a copy editor.
"The flexibility I love, it's very convenient," says Becker, "I'm able to run errands, go to appointments. I don't have to drive to work, so I save a lot on gas, and on wardrobe too."
Becker does deal with some distractions, whether it be around the house or from friends who have the day off. "My friends will call or stop by and ask what I'm doing. I say, 'working'. They say so what are you doing? So I have to explain I'm working and will call them later on my break."
Working from home does seem to have it's benefits, but both women say you have to be self motivated and stay on task.